DAR International Alliance

DAR International Alliance would like to work with all those involved with the management of diabetes during Ramadan fasting to make it a safe and enjoyable month for those who observe it.

As a collective our goal is to provide a better understanding of how best to manage diabetes during the month of Ramadan and as a central location for people with an interest in diabetes and Ramadan to concentrate their efforts, healthcare professionnels, patient associations, muslim societes, public and private stakeholders.

As a group we want to educate about Ramadan fasting and how it can have an impact on management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Increased safety during fasting is paramount to maintaining good diabetes control.

Diabetes and Ramadan (DAR) formed in January 2013 following an « International Diabetes Federation-Middle East and North Africa Region » meeting (IDF-MENA region). We started DAR after engaging with the stakeholders of well-known awareness groups IDF-MENA region, « Diabetes Education Study Group » (DESG) of the « European Association Study for Diabetes » (EASD) and « Gulf Group for the Study of Diabetes » (GGSD), about our goals to raise awareness on managing diabetes during Ramadan. This led to collaborations with other interested organizations in particular IDF Africa Region and in Europe Diabetes UK.

DAR international Alliance organize annual conferences as well as multi-disciplinary trainings and innovative actions and studies.