IDF-DAR Practical Guidelines 2021

A cornerstone of managing diabetes during Ramadan is patient education, which should include information on risks, glucose monitoring, nutrition, exercise and medication.

Studies have shown that pre-Ramadan counselling reduces episodes of low blood glucose. Pre-Ramadan education provides a platform to remind people with diabetes about the importance of diet and exercise, and that regular glucose monitoring is essential to avoid complications, while reassuring them that this does not invalidate the fast.

With the global prevalence of diabetes continuing to increase, and the number of fasting Muslims set to rise, the importance of effective guidelines for the management of diabetes during Ramadan fasting is clear. The IDF-DAR Practical Guidelines provide healthcare professionals with both background and practical information, as well as management recommendations to optimise the care delivered to people with diabetes who plan to fast during Ramadan.

The IDF-DAR Practical Guidelines 2021 are available for download by clicking on this link. Individual chapters can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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  1. Introduction to the IDF-DAR Practical Guidelines
  2. Epidemiology of diabetes and fasting during Ramadan
  3. What happens to the body? Physiology of fasting during Ramadan
  4. The effects of fasting during Ramadan on physical and mental wellbeing
  5. Risk stratification of people with diabetes before Ramadan
  6. Diabetes and Ramadan: A medico-religious perspective
  7. Pre-Ramadan Assessment and Education
  8. The Ramadan Nutrition Plan (RNP) for people with diabetes
  9. Management of Type 1 diabetes when fasting during Ramadan
  10. Management of Type 2 diabetes when fasting during Ramadan
  11. Management of hyperglycaemia in pregnancy when fasting during Ramadan
  12. Management of diabetes among the elderly when fasting during Ramadan
  13. Risks of fasting during Ramadan: Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular and Renal complications
  14. Identifying and overcoming barriers to guideline implementation
  15. Grading of evidence & areas of future research in diabetes and fasting during Ramadan
  16. Glossary

The IDF-DAR Practical Guidelines 2021 were made possible through an educational grant from Sanofi and Servier.